A lot of the… a lot of the things that we… we do as humans is try to find happiness. There are, you know, pursuits that you can do to make yourself happy, you know: sports, fashion, the way you dress can make you feel good on the inside with what you put on the outside. So, I like to take photographs. Um… I like to play sports, as well. When the people that you love and care about… when they’re happy… being able to share that with them makes me happy, as well. Listen, you don’t have to explain it. It’s just… if it makes you feel good, do it.

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For Once

Hello Gym! 

I lost quite a lot of weight recently and I’m happy it has taken effect. I reached my target of 2kilos a month. :) I hope to lose 3kilos this month and 4 the next. Then I can start at 2 again. I think it’s a healthy thing to do. 

Hello Job!

So hopefully, fingers and toes crossed, things will take its natural course and my work will be stable and for good. I’ve been doing well in work and I’ve been very consistent about it. That’s the only thing I could update for now as everything is still not on papers.

Cheers for more changes to come! 

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It’s been 4 months

It’s been 4 months since I left Manila, my hometown. To be honest, the past months have been a blur. I get up in the morning, take a steamed shower so I won’t feel cold when I turn the air-conditioning to the right temperature of 18degrees C. Look at the bus schedule on my iPhone, then realising how I will not be able to run down the apartment and rush to the nearest bus station in 5minutes. Log on to my computer and then type, click, press and pray that I can get my lunch break on time if not earlier. Pack up and rush to the nearest bus station this time not minding if I’m going to get that but because there will be more coming. Not unless it’s already 7:30, then i have to rush to get that last bus 70 or else i’ll be force two hop on and off 2 buses.

If technology hasn’t engulfed me enough, i will also declare that ever since I move here I have been engrossed with reading the latest update of my friends in Facebook, relevant news from Twitter and seeing local celebrities’ picture in Instagram. Then there’s this tumblr which I can’t explain but i get hook up too much and youtube as well. 

So if ever you ask me again how I’ve been living my life so far. Then these are the answers.

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#design inspiration

#design inspiration

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I Loving Taking Their Selfies

I want to believe i have future in photography. So I gathered this week’s selfies. I like portrait shots, especially when it looks candid.

1. Photo of my S-Bud. As my seat mate, I always look at Abby first to see if she’s busy or have earphones on before actually talking to her. This time, I took her selfie first before anything else. This is sort of candid, but I directly told her to just show her profile.

2. Gil. He has this passion for shoes like me but unlike me, he actually buys it. While I’m not the most frugal person, I usually spend on things after  10 days after seeing it… and thinking about it. Taken inside Onitsuka Tiger, I directed Gil to look at the blue shoes, then I click it.

3 & 4. Wendel and Gold. This is a sample on candid portrait photography. While I did say I’m going to take their pictures, I didn’t inform them when or how I’m going to take the winning shot. It’s a good thing they were so engrossed with the conversation that after awhile, they completely forgot I was shooting them.

I like playing with the water container, it gives me framings that sometimes is not available. I played with a bunch of other things in the table too and then I finally settled with these shots. 


5. Jag. With a hole-in-a-wall place at 11pm, you can only imagine how it’s so hard to find a source of light. But you have to be work around with what little you have (little as in the “We’re Open” sign lit by red and blue LED bulbs). The headrest created an illusion like it thinned out which eventually leads into Jag’s head, after a few shot I asked him look at me directly.

6. Zai. She reminds me of a 13 year old girl and needs to be sweet in the picture. This is taken at the sweetest place there is- a newly opened cupcake store in Greenhills.  I asked her to smile and face directly towards me like she’s taking a passport photo. Turned out great as she looked happy and cheeky.

7. Zel. Being in the most crowded place this season, you can only expect heavy foot traffic. Luckily, I find it awesome that when I took this shot, Greenhills Promenade looked like a ghost town. I got to give it to them, the stars look incredible on photographs.

I have to move farther as I feel like taking not only the face, but the environment of the subject. 

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See you there!

Flight Plan (Singapore 1)

Flying is an amazing experience. You get to partake in one of best example of human ingenuities. I decided to blog my trip to let the world see what I saw. I wasn’t exactly a stranger in the place. I know the country like the back of my hand.

I tend to pack dark, like black everything. Hygienic, less hassle and slimming. I also notice my love for orange, it just gives a pop to a rather gloomy outfit. 

My choice is usually budget airlines, but right now I am just so happy and thankful that’s in Singapore Airlines. Really hassle free and you can tell the difference in service, aircraft and overall feel.

Whenever I leave the country, there’s always a downpour! It made leaving harder as it adds drama. However, I just think of it as an escape, because the place where I’m going has only one weather- Sunny.

I’ll start here and continue on later. :)

"Even if no one would miss me, even if I left no blank space in anyone’s life, even if no one noticed, I couldn’t leave willingly. Loss was not a skill, not a measure of life. And yet I still felt like I had something to lose."

— Haruki Murakami - Hard-boiled Wonderland and the End of the World (via murakamistuff)

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Positivity is my Strength

Like turning the title from Negativity is my weakness to the new one on top.

I just want to share a quote I got from Forbes.com:

“ Self-distrust is the cause of most of our failures. In the assurance of strength, there is strength, and they are the weakest, however strong, who have no faith in themselves or their own powers. ”
— Christian Bovée